"Sustainability to us means production & engineering with quality to be well equipped with latest CNC machinery so that there is minimalistic error”


The principal factory in Mumbai has a production area of 200000 sqft and has a workforce of over 200 people.
With partner in-house Powder Coating and Sheet metal Fabrication units Glass Wall Systems has the most complete and self-sufficient production facility reducing lead times and uncertainty.

MS & Sheet Metal Fabrication Unit

PVDF & Powder Coating Unit

Our Machinery

The factory is equipped with latest machinery from Germany and has 4 dedicated production lines for Unitised Systems, Doors & Windows
  • Designed Per Shift Production Capacity of over 250 panels (1250 m2)

  • Designed Per Shift Production Capacity for Doors & windows of over 350m2

  • 5 CNC Fabrication machines (3, 4 Axis & 2, 3 Axis) , 4 CNC double head cutting machines

Ancillary units in Delhi/NCR, Kolkata and Bengaluru