At Glass Wall Systems we believe that if there is a better way to do something, we should find it.

For us innovation is the key factor to stay ahead in the race and give our clients a better product.

Curved Unitised Panels

  • Cold profile bending for all members including coupling, gutter & sill profile

  • Radius as small as 1.55m to 0.9m

  • 6063- T6 aluminium temper used

  • System width-110mm

Articulated Unitised Panels

  • The Unitised system is designed to accommodate glass of different planes and slant profiles in a single unitized panel

  • The system can sustain wind pressure up to 5Kpa

  • The articulated design of system is used to create the effect of sparkling surface of water or diamond

Dynamic Facade Lighting

  • Diamond edges of the building have aluminum flashing with LED lighting. The facade consists of facade LED lighting in the spandrel panel which gives a dynamic look in the night

  • Media facade

  • Double skin facade

  • Aluminium fins incorporated with light provisions

Curved ACP Panel With System

  • Curved ACP panels of 6 m x 1.55 m weighing more than 200 kgs

  • Segmented aluminium support system

  • Beam panel manufactured to degree of curvature at 1.1 m

Curved Aluminium Sheet

  • 3 mm thick aluminium bend sheet

  • PVDF coated

  • Aluminium runners attached to the civil structure

Perforated Aluminium Screen

  • 22 die holes sizes in a single panel with perforation percentage at 80%

  • Panel width 4.5 x 1.2 m

  • Bottom cap inclined

  • Total 1600 sq. mtr.

Free Flowing Facade

  • 3 Dimensional designing of each member & glass to achieve the dynamic shape intend

  • Pre-fabricated members based on the geometry from factory and erected with precession at site


  • The egg shape diagrid is the formed with M.S. circular pipes

  • The facade system was specially designed in the cascaded form to cater to the 3 directional movement

  • Each panel was fabricated to an accuracy of mm & to suite the 3 dimensional variation on site

Free Flowing Lobby

  • The lobby is a triple height structure and the free flowing space is enclosed with a mesh of rectangular tubes (Diagrid) which is glazed with laminated double glass units

  • 2000 sq.m. of the Diagrid facade and so there is no structural member supporting this facade

  • The steel truss were fabricated in segments of up to 12m length